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Welcome to, a site aimed at helping you treat your compulsive hair pulling disorder.

Most people believe there are four options when treating Trichotillomania, they are;

  • Congnitive-Behavioural Therapy
  • Medication
  • Alternative Therapy
  • Support Groups

    But we believe there is a 5th...

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    The Linden Method

    Although all of these methods can work, The Linden Method is quickly becoming the new standard in treating OCD related conditions, including trichotillomania. The method, which has now been recognised by the medical and psychological community, boasts some impressive statistics, facts and results. These include:

    • A 97% success rate (with a guaranteed refund if your not treated)
    • Medically & Psychologist Endorsed (recommended by the NHS in the UK)
    • Free you from OCD related conditions permanently (including trichotillomania, anxiety & phobias)
    • Successfully treatment more sufferers than any doctor, therapist or psychologist.
    • Support Specialists available to talk to FREE of charge at ANY time.
    • Its not NLP, Therapy, Hypnosis and doesn't require any form of exercise.

    But all of this is stated on their website. The simple fact is – The Linden Method works. As long as you follow the instructions. The 3% of people who do not succeed with this treatment “Just don't do it right”, says Charles Linden, the creator of the method. Charles is now recognised world wide for his work curing OCD related conditions, and has been featured in many publications and television programs, including his own series – Stress less.

    So are there any down sides to this trichotillomania treatment? Well, like I said, you do need to follow the instructions EXACTLY. And you do need a bit of dedication. But for something that's guaranteed to work, why not? But not only is the method guaranteed, for most people it works in under 30 days.

    I should mention here that The Linden Method Website barely mentions trichotillomania, but it DOES work for compulsive hair pullers just as well as it works for any other compulsive condition, phobia or anxiety. So please don't be put off by the fact that there's only a small mention of this condition, and remember the treatment has a 100% money back guarantee if your still not sure.

    (If you cant find trichotillomania mentioned, its near the bottom of the
    website in the list of conditions that The Linden Method is used for)

    linden method pack

    The Linden Method is available as an instant online download or can be mailed to you (at a small extra cost). Included in the price is a years worth of free support (which I think is worth the price on its own) and the money back guarantee – no questions asked. There are also a tonne of extras included (which are described in detail on the website).

    All in all I think The Linden Method is the best available Trichotillomania Treatment available and is well worth taking a look at.

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